21 February 2012

Rooting Xperia

Rooting, means get root access to your android phone. Why do I need that? Well.. my own phone, so must have root access laa.. How can administrator don't have root access?

Ok, what can I do about it? You can modify the application, OS, cosmetic & many things. Another real example Google Navigation is only limited in US, by having root access you can enable it for any country. Come on laa Google, why only in US? In Malaysia we also drive car & get lost also...

What I want to do next is to change the battery bar to digital percent. It is quite easy actually, get the resource file from /system/framework/framework-res.apk This is a zip file, in fact all Android application is pack in zip. Unpack it & decode it with APKTool, you will get tones of XML & images. Just modify the desired files, zip it & put back the file. Simple enough..

But I forgot to read more fine print or pantang larang. he he.. This morning I just rendered the system file :o) since this framework-res.apk is an operating system file, you need to copy the file in fastboot mode (safe mode). What I did was just force remount, chmod the file, simply replace it & reboot. it can't boot up & keep rebooting in loop or bootloop. Silent for half an hour, not meditate but stunt with white face...

After full day of reading, I try to remote access from laptop via usb debug bridge ADB, failed. Sony Ericsson recovery flash SEUS, denied. They kind of angry. Flash the whole phone is the only solution I can think of. Finding the latest stock ROM is not easy but I finally find it somewhere in Russia. Flash it, walla.. it's all in Russian. Just change the language setting to fix it. I manage to restore the phone & other stuff.

Waste the whole day on the phone. Unbelievable.

14 November 2011

My second post

Previously that was my first post. And this is my first time blogging.. perghh..

Our national broadband modem

Previously Zoolhelmy.com was pointed to someone else TMNut modem. Being so nice I just go to it's admin page & restart. So it get another IP address & no longer harassing my domain.

But how do I get to the admin page? Just Google the modem name and search for keyword "default password". Life is wonderful.

What else can be done? There is an IP scanner out there can scan for opened HTTP service with specific keyword, ie modem XXX and it's all with default password. It's beyond my wild imagination.